Sabado, Mayo 7, 2011

Mothers Day

It's been a week of contemplation on what to give to my beloved mother on this very special day.
I thought of giving her a dress or jewelry but then if I know my mother well I’m sure that this kind of present is not the thing that would give her such joy. She is not onto material thing. So I think again of something special.

Suddenly something caught my attention an old picture-frame of my mother. Then I got a brilliant idea. I thought of bringing it to a charcoal artist. And so I did and put it in a classic frame. Made a poem and encrypted it on the side of the picture.

Indeed it is not the price of to gift that counts but the thought. I love my mother and I want the best gift for her this mother’s day and there’s nothing greater than a gift with a personal touch.

Mothers deserve an ever precious gift, a gift that no money can buy and it is no more than the love, appreciation and care they get from their family, their husband and their children. The mother’s love is selfless, unconditional and true. They take care of their family more than they do to their self.

On this very special day for all mothers, all I ask is a bit of care and love to be show to every mother in the word. Give your mother a hug, a kiss, a letter or cook for her, pampered her, show her your love and make her feel love and special.


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