Huwebes, Abril 28, 2011

just a try

i was just curios about this blog thing and got an idea, why not try it?
so here i am, starting a blog which by the way i'm not used to.
but honestly something happened that pushes me to make this account.
i got basted. funny but i just need to shout it to the world.
i feel like i'm about to burst so i need to let it out and the worst thing is that i have no one to talk about this.

i confessed my feelings to "this person" because i thought "this person" felt the same way.
i didn't plan to tell "this person" because i doubted what "this person" felt for me but "this person" keep on pushing me and when i tell thee. "this person" just stop communicating to me and made a story that "this person" is married already by which for a fact i know that it isn't true. it hurts because "this person" don't have a guts to tell me directly the truth. and i hate "this person" for that.

but any way, i'm coping right now. and hoping that i can move on and start again.and to "this person", i hope you'll have the courage to talk to me because it would really help me move on.

(pardon me for using "this person" it's just that i still can't replace it with a pronoun or a name. bare with me.)

2 komento:

  1. Well... you are here right now. You have all the right to burst out what you feel. Dont just keep it, if the person dont like it. The hell you care, as long as you've been honest with what you feel.. Go GO GO girl power..